MT4i Publisher EA for MT4

MT4i Publisher EA for MT4
Author: mt4i

An updated version of the Publisher is required for use with v600 of MT4

Our Publisher EA for MT4 uploads trading statements from MetaTrader 4 to MT4i Live:

  • Updates almost instantly when orders are opened or closed, with interim updates as frequently as every 60 seconds.
  • Uses far less bandwidth than FTP - typically 95% less than MT4's FTP publishing
  • More reliable than MT4's FTP publishing
  • Can publish magic numbers, letting you analyse your results by EA
  • Include or exclude open positions
  • Include or exclude pending orders
  • Set a delay on publication (to stop people copying your trades)
  • Restrict the symbols and/or magic numbers which are included
  • Replace the initial deposit if your broker has truncated your account history (so that the system can still calculate return percentages)
  • Adjust the cash amounts on nano accounts to their true values - i.e. 1/100th of the values shown in MT4
  • You must use the EA in order to participate in MT4i trading competitions. You cannot use FTP publication.

Our Publisher EA is fully compatible with other EAs: you simply open one new chart in MT4 (for any symbol), and add our EA to that. The single copy of the EA will publish all orders for all symbols/charts.

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